IndianaWeatherOnline is the number 1 source and the largest source for weather information for Indiana and Ohio.

IndianaWeatherOnline is owned and operated by Brandon Redmond and is dedicated to providing accurate weather information for Indiana and Western Ohio. was created back in 1999 and has grown at a remarkable rate since the site was created. The site features local forecasts, breaking and severe weather coverage, severe weather email alerts and more. provides weather forecasting and severe weather coverage for all of Indiana and Western Ohio and attracts tens of thousands of visitors daily.


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.37.29 PM also has over 140,000 fans on Facebook and our posts reach over two million people. The Email List currently has over 25,000 subscribers. Email Alerts are sent out when inclement weather, such as a severe weather outbreak or winter storm, could impact Indiana and Western Ohio.

Here are a few comments from viewers:

“This was the last time I ever even pay attention to our local news during the weather! is much more accurate.”

“Brandon is just accurate more times than the TV is.”

“We appreciate all your help. We check with you & don’t check with the T.V. nearly as much. Thank you from all our family!”

With the launch of the redesigned website, will begin offering reasonable and affordable advertising solutions to local businesses that are looking to gain the attention of thousands of unique visitors from Indiana and Western Ohio. Features:
• Expanding viewership from across Indiana and Ohio
• Continuous coverage of inclement and severe weather
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• Use of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, drawing more viewers to IndianaWeatherOnline

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