Tornado Causes Damage In LaSalle County, Illinois

A Tornado has touched down in LaSalle County, Illinois with damaging being reported at the LaSalle County Nursing Home. It is unknown whether injuries have been reported. This supercell with a history of producing a large tornado is tracking towards the Southern Chicago area. Pictures courtesy

Widespread Lack of Snow

It's been a snowless winter across much of the Ohio Valley. In fact Indianapolis has only seen 8.7" of snow this year. And the lack of snow isn't just present across the Ohio Valley. As of today, only 19% of the United States is covered by snow. That's only 56% of normal for this date and the lowest it has been for today's date in over 14 years!

It Might Still Be February…..But It Feels Like April

It's going to be another warm day across Indiana and Western Ohio with high temperatures reaching the middle to upper 60's. That's compared to a normal high temperature for this time of year in the upper 30's and lower 40's. And it's not just warm here in the Ohio Valley. Much of the Central and Eastern United States is seeing above normal temperatures. In fact more than 70% of the

Record High Temperatures Across The Midwest

Temperatures were above normal today across Indiana and Western Ohio but the extremely mild air also impacted much of the Ohio Valley and Midwest. In fact record high temperatures were felt as far North as North Dakota today with record high temperatures also being reported in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Very warm temperatures and possible record breaking temperatures will continue across Indiana and Western Ohio Saturday,

The Snowless Winter

The 2016-2017 winter has well....been disappointing for snow lovers to say the least. In fact it's been the least snowiest winter in almost 15 years in Indianapolis. Indianapolis has only recorded 6.6" of snow so far this winter, normally averaging 18.5" by this point in the winter. And January was practically snowless. With only 1.7" of snow during the entire month of January, we were almost 7" below normal. But

Large Tornado Strikes Eastern New Orleans, Louisiana

The same weather system that is bringing us showers and thunderstorms today has unleashed a fury of severe weather and tornadoes across parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Just after 12:00 PM, a large tornado struck the East side of New Orleans where extensive damage was reported. Tornadoes continued across parts of Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. As of 1:00 PM, severe weather was continuing across New Orleans with a tornado

No Winter Storm Warnings In Nearly A Year

It's been a snowless winter across much of Indiana and Western Ohio. We know that not only from the lack of snow, but it's been nearly a year since the Indianapolis National Weather Service, Wilmington National Weather Service or Louisville National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning! We will see if that changes by the end of February....

Big Improvements In West Coast Drought

Drought conditions continue to improve across the West Coast due to an overactive weather pattern. In fact almost half of California is now completely drought free with conditions continuing to improve across the state. Drought levels across California are the lowest they've been in years with mountain snow averaging almost 200% of normal. As snow melt occurs this spring, drought conditions will continue to improve. And with Pacific storm systems continuing